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The time-honored aesthetic of brick continues to be a top desire for today’s discerning homeowner. The stately appearance and a variety of colors allow for both personal expression and traditional design.

  • Available in several classic aesthetic options
  • 20" x 48" x 1" panel size
  • Indistinguishable from real brick
  • Accessories for corners, windows, and door openings


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Each Qora panel covers up to 8 square feet per piece which speeds installation and helps ensure a flat and uniform wall. Compared to traditional materials, Qora panels create more simplified wall systems that are easier to maintain and repair.

Qora’s patented materials and unique designs create a lightweight and durable product. Most Qora panels weigh between 2 and 3 pounds per square foot which is a fraction of weight of comparable traditional materials. Lighter weight cladding systems can more easily resist cracking, foundation impacts and other issues associated with heavy cladding materials.

Available Accessories: 
  • Corners
  • Headers
  • Ledge sills
  • Trim pieces
  • Utility boxes

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