A rigid-foam core and fiberglass-reinforced layers are surfaced with genuine source materials to make Qora Cladding look as authentic as the real thing.

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Innovation meets beauty.

Achieve the beautiful look of traditional materials with a simple and fast installation.

Workability meets performance.

As an alternative to the traditional methods of achieving the look of brick and stone, Qora is indistinguishable in its aesthetic appearance. 
But the differences are what saves you in time, money, and performance. See for yourself.

Qora Cladding

Qora provides an aesthetic beauty and time-honored look that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Traditional Materials

Both traditional materials and Qora cladding provide an aesthetic beauty with a time-honored look and appearance.

Qora Cladding

Qora cladding comes in easy-to-handle 2'x4' panels designed to fit together seamlessly with disguised joints.

Traditional Materials

Traditional materials require piece-by-piece installation and, with masonry products, the use of mortar, lathe, and other components.

Qora Cladding

Qora installs approximately 50% to 70% faster than traditional materials, reducing labor costs significantly.

Traditional Materials

Construction costs continue to rise. The use of traditional materials require higher labor costs with skilled brick and stone layers.

Qora Cladding

Qora's lightweight panels weigh between 2 and 3 pounds per square foot.

Traditional Materials

Brick and stone materials weigh up to 40 pounds and 20 pounds per square foot respectively,

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Qora Cladding is available in limited locations with a growing dealer network. 

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Qora is the cladding that has everything, yet sacrifices nothing. If you have questions, we have answers.

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Meet the Makers of Qora

Arcitell, the makers of Qora, set out to create a cladding product to provide builders with a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials. Learn more about their story. 

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