What is Qora?

Builders have been using traditional materials like brick and stone for centuries. These materials are highly sought after and greatly desired for homeowners to achieve a beautiful exterior aesthetic. What if you could have the same traditional look but at a fraction of the cost and up to half of the installation time? Then you need Qora.

  • Indistinguishable from the real thing
  • Extremely lightweight compared to real materials
  • Innovative four-layer design
  • Panelized for easy installation

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How is Qora Installed?

Qora Cladding weighs less, and installs faster and easier, than traditional brick and manufactured stone. With innovative, lightweight panels, it is easy to see the simplicity and efficiency of using Qora.

  • No masonry work required
  • Hangs like siding
  • Hidden joints and fasteners
  • Sophisticated and functional accessories

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