What is Qora made of?
Qora is made from proprietary phenolic resin technology under license from Acell Industries Ltd with respect to US Patent No. 9,610,759. Phenolic resin is compounded and stabilized using patented processes to create durable, corrosion resistant materials that offer significant benefits compared to traditional cladding and siding  materials. Qora panels contain no added formaldehyde and are non-emitting.
How is Qora manufactured?
Qora is manufactured using our proprietary phenolic resin and compounding technology. Layers of pigments, surfacing materials (where applicable), fiberglass reinforced molding compound, and open cell phenolic rigid foam are vacuum pressed and chemically bonded to ensure long term durability and performance
Where is Qora made?
Qora panels are made in our facility located in Sugarcreek, OH.
What maintenance does Qora cladding require?
No regular maintenance for Qora cladding is required beyond normal exterior cleaning to remove surface dirt and mildew.
How do I clean Qora cladding?
Qora cladding can be cleaned with water and mild dish detergent when necessary. Diluted mildew remover can be used when necessary to remove surface level algae and mildew.
Is Qora combustible?
Qora will be designed to meet and exceed the Class A ATSM E84 flame spread requirements for exterior building materials
How do I cut Qora cladding, and what equipment do I need?
Qora can be cut with standard carbide tipped saws and requires no specialized tools.
Does Qora contain silica and what PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is required to work with it?
Qora SKUs that contain sand, clay or other stone-based surfacing materials may contain silica that could be inhaled when cutting. Proper PPE should be used when cutting Qora panels. Please refer to our SDS documentation for further information.
How is Qora installed?
Please visit the installation section of our website for detailed information. 
What applications is Qora approved for?
Qora cladding is approved for use in single family detached and type 3 multi-family housing applications.
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