What Is Qora?

A Time-Honored Look, Made for Builders and Remodelers

Builders, remodelers, and home improvement pros have been using traditional materials like stone, brick and wood for centuries. These materials are highly sought after by homeowners for their beauty, durability, and curb appeal. What if you could have the same traditional look at a fraction of the cost and up to half of the installation time? Then you need Qora. The Qora Cladding Collection provides builders and remodelers with the time-honored look of natural exterior siding materials and accessories, but in a simple, fast, and cost effective cladding solution.

Qora cladding is available in several surface color options to match your desired look. Thanks to an innovative surfacing technology (under license from Acell Industries Ltd with respect to US Patent No. 9,610,759) it is absolutely indistinguishable from authentic stone, brick and wood.

Qora Stone™ Ashlar Drystack in Country Slate

Qora Stone™ Ashlar Drystack in Country Slate

Unmatched Simplicity.
Practical Workability.

Qora is born from the belief that there can finally be a cladding without trade-offs.

Qora Stone™ Cut LedgeStone TightStack in Lexington

Qora Stone™ Cut LedgeStone TightStack in Lexington

Indistinguishable from the real thing.

A combined rigid foam core and fiberglass-reinforced compound is surfaced with genuine source materials to make Qora look as authentic as the real thing. Unlike other cladding products, Qora incorporates real materials into its manufacturing process to give the surface texture the look and feel of real stone, brick, and wood. Plain and simple: Qora looks amazing. 

Extremely lightweight compared to real materials

Qora’s patented materials and unique designs create a lightweight and durable product. Most Qora cladding panels weigh between two to three pounds per square foot which is a fraction of the weight of comparable traditional materials. Lighter weight cladding systems can more easily mitigate cracking, foundation impacts, and other issues associated with heavy cladding materials.

Qora Stone™ Ashlar Drystack in Honeybrook

Qora Stone™ Ashlar Drystack in Honeybrook

4 layer cut away graphic

Innovative four-layer design

Qora is manufactured using a proprietary phenolic resin and compounding technology. Layers of pigments, surfacing materials (where applicable), fiberglass-reinforced molding compound, and open cell phenolic rigid foam are pressed and chemically bonded to ensure long-term durability and performance.

Engineered with intelligent features

Each Qora panel has built-in 1/4” Breather Button offsets to allow free movement of liquid water and vapor. The built-in rain screen helps to manage moisture by keeping water away from the wall assembly, reducing the risk of water damage over time.

Panelized for easy installation

Each Qora cladding panel covers up to eight square feet per piece which speeds installation and helps ensure a flat and uniform wall. Compared to traditional materials, Qora panels create more simplified wall systems that are easier to maintain and repair.

True Beauty with Authentic Feel

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