How is Qora Installed?

Lighter. Faster. Easier. Qora.

Qora Cladding weighs less, and installs faster and easier, than traditional brick and manufactured stone. With innovative, lightweight cladding panels, it is easy to see the simplicity and efficiency of using Qora.

Installation Highlights

Hangs like siding

Simply cut Qora panels with any standard carbide tipped or tile saw blade and hang like you would siding. Each lightweight cladding panel is installed in rows, edge-to-edge, using convenient accessory pieces around openings and corners. The cladding installation process includes: 

  • Starter strip for installing first row
  • Easily cut with carpentry tools
  • Panels are mounted flush with accessories for edges and corners 
  • Download our Installation Guide for complete details!


Download Installation Guide

No masonry work required

Brick and stone installations require professional masons who are skilled, trained, and experienced in laying brick and stone. These installations require the ability to expertly cut brick and stone and apply cement and mortar to create beautiful, uniform joints. Qora cladding panels, however, are simply cut and fastened with general carpentry skills. Professional bricklayers or stone masons are not required. This results in significantly less labor hours, saving you time and money. 

  • No bricklayers or stone masons required
  • Cut with standard carbide tipped and/or tile saw blades
  • No mortar, cement, or joint compounds

Hidden joints and fasteners

Each Qora panel is equipped with edges designed to fit flush for seamless installation and the disguising of joints and fasteners. This gives your project a clean, finished look that is indistinguishable from real stone. 

  • Fasteners are installed flush across top of panel
  • Additional rows cover fasteners as they are installed
  • Matching bridge veneers are affixed with construction adhesive to cover fasteners and disguise joints

Sophisticated and functional cladding accessories 

Completing an install with Qora panels requires the use of several accessory pieces. Cladding accessories are available for:

  • Corners
  • Headers
  • Ledge sills
  • Trim pieces
  • Utility boxes


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