Qora Cladding Products

Qora is a durable and authentic-looking cladding product—making it the ideal choice for your next residential project. Qora is available in Ashlar Stone and Cut LedgeStone TightStack patterns.

Qora Ashlar Stone

Five Colors Available Now!

The look and feel of real stone homeowners love. 

  • Available in Ashlar pattern, five colors available 
  • 20” x 48” panel size
  • Indistinguishable from real stone
  • Accessories for corners, windows, and door openings
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Qora Cut LedgeStone TightStack

Three Colors Available Now!

The timeless quality of stacked stone and the beauty of a modern, textured finish.

  • Available in a stacked stone pattern, three colors available
  • Two panel sizes: 48" x 18"
  • Indistinguishable from real stacked stone
  • Accessories for corners, windows, and door openings
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Ledge Sill Accessory

Matching Ledge Sill accessory now available for order. Easily installed to provide a finished transition between Qora Cladding panels and other siding materials. Two color options available to compliment your siding design choices.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy-to-install 4-foot design 
  • Two color options
  • Available in 2" and 2.5" depths
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Integrated Corner Accessory

Seamlessly integrating with the Qora panel, this matched outside corner features alternating left and right patterns to stagger joints. This helps to seamlessly integrate Qora cladding around edges and provides even more structural integrity. The integrated corner will provide a continuous, inline corner pattern which matches traditional stone masonry patterns.

  • Seamlessly integrates around edges
  • Ashlar Stone alternating 12" x 6" lengths help to stagger joints
  • Cut LedgeStone alternating 8” x 4” lengths help to stagger joints
  • Five available colors - Qora Ashlar Stone pattern
  • Three available colors - Qora Cut LedgeStone TightStack pattern
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Future Patterns & Colors

Coming soon!

The time-honored aesthetic of brick continues to be a top desire for today’s discerning homeowner. The stately appearance and a variety of colors allow for both personal expression and traditional design.

  • Available in several classic aesthetic options
  • 20" x 48" x 1" panel size
  • Indistinguishable from real brick
  • Accessories for corners, windows, and door openings
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