Qora Stone™ Ashlar Stone

Looks like stone.
Feels like stone.

Mother Nature’s original building material has come into vogue as a design element. From its humble beginning as a foundation material to whole house applications, stone has become a statement of modern design and harmony with the environment. Stone is a key design element in modern homes whether in built in classic craftsman, ultra-contemporary or a style somewhere in between.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy-to-install panelized design 
  • 48"x20" panel size
  • Multiple surface options
  • Built in Breather Button offsets for water drainage
  • Seamless panel joints
  • Custom colors are available upon request


Qora Accessory Clt Sill
Split Limestone Ledge Sill
Qora New Ashlar Stone Corner 600X600
Ashlar Stone Outside Corner

*Per ASTM E84 testing, Qora Cladding is approved for A-rated wall assembly.


Each Qora Ashlar Stone panel covers up to 6.6 square feet per piece which speeds installation and helps ensure a flat and uniform wall. Compared to traditional materials, Qora Stone panels create more simplified wall systems that are easier to maintain and repair.

Qora’s patented materials and unique designs create a lightweight and durable product. Most Qora Ashlar Stone panels weigh between 2 and 3 pounds per square foot which is a fraction of weight of comparable traditional materials. Lighter weight cladding systems can more easily resist cracking, foundation impacts and other issues associated with heavy cladding materials.

Available Accessories: 
  • Corners
  • Splitface Limestone Ledge Sill

2 Fastener Covers are included with each panel. Additional Fastener Covers can be purchased separately if needed.

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