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Culture in the Modern Building & Construction Industry

Building and construction companies will need to establish progressive corporate cultures in place of old paradigms and power structures to remain competitive in the new global economy. The days of fraternal, centralized, and white male dominated leadership cultures will no longer succeed in attracting and retaining premier talent, threatening a firm's viability in an increasingly diverse and inclusive business climate. Creating a high-performance culture with thriving accountability starts not with fear of consequence, but with the establishment of a culture that attracts self-motivating talent who are no longer solely motivated by financial wealth, title, and power.

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The Plight of Non-Combustible Cladding Options

Builders face increasingly touch choices when selecting exterior cladding material that meets growing regulatory and customer demand concerning fire resistance. The incidence of structure to structure fires is on the rise and performance features of traditional cladding building materials require significant trade-offs that impact the builder's bottom line and ability to meet customer preferences. The market needs new siding building material technology to better protect life and property while meeting builder budget requirements and customer preferences.

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