Easy to Install Cladding for Manufactured Homes

Great for siding, knee wall, wainscoting and skirting applications.

Great for siding, knee wall, wainscoting and skirting applications.

Give homeowners the look they want with an easy-to-install cladding product that eliminates compromises.

Homeowners are looking for manufactured homes that complement their unique style and taste. Existing siding materials limit design options or come with compromises that affect weight, durability, and transportability. Qora Cladding eliminates compromises for manufactured home builders by offering the look of authentic stone but in a simple, fast, lightweight, and cost-effective siding solution.

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What makes Qora better for Manufactured Homes and other Portable Buildings? 

Set yourself apart without the weight and hassle of masonry based materials

Simple Construction = Cost Effective

Qora gives manufactured homes the premium look of stone cladding without the weight and hassle of traditional masonry products and installation methods. Because Qora Cladding comes in easy-to-handle 20” x 48” panels, it’s designed to install with basic carpentry tools and fit together seamlessly with disguised joints. The aesthetic beauty and time-honored look is indistinguishable from the real thing and will set your product line apart from the competition with a premium offering.

Qora's Features:
  • Premium look that homeowners love
  • Lightweight, transportable, and durable
  • Will not rot, decay, buckle, or delaminate
  • Easy to handle 20"x48" panel size
  • Installs using standard carpentry tools
  • Indistinguishable from the real thing
  • 20-year warranty


Available in five colors 

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