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The Perfect Fit for Your Application

Qora is designed to be lightweight, easy to install, and indistinguishable from real stone. That means it is the perfect fit for several applications, including siding, knee wall, skirting, or accent walls.

Regardless of your industry or market segment, Qora is the alternative cladding product that eliminates compromises and the need for skilled masonry labor.

Qora is used in these industries and applications:

  • Residential and Light Commercial Applications

  • Manufactured Homes

  • Sheds and Portable Buildings

  • Rural Buildings: Barns, Garages & Post-Frame Structures​

Qora for Residential and Light Commercial Applications

A Time-Honored Look for Professional Builders
The Look & Feel of Real Stone

Most homeowners desire the timeless look of stone. However, many don't want the costly materials and masonry involved. Qora Cladding provides the perfect solution, using real materials for the surface texture providing the look and feel of real stone. 

Any home can be upgraded easily with a variety of options including siding, knee wall, skirting, or accent walls.

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Qora Sets Your Manufactured Homes Apart

Easy-to-Install Cladding that Eliminates Compromises

Homeowners are looking for manufactured homes that complement their unique style and taste. Existing siding materials limit design options or come with compromises that affect weight, durability, and transportability. Qora Cladding eliminates compromises for manufactured home builders by offering the look of authentic stone but in a simple, fast, lightweight, and cost-effective siding solution. 

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Easy-to-Install Cladding for Sheds & Portable Buildings

Quickly upgrade any shed with the premium look homeowners love

Qora gives sheds a premium look of stone cladding without the weight and hassle of traditional masonry products and installation methods. Easily install Qora over existing siding materials for knee wall, accent wall, and wainscot applications.


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Skirting with Ledge Sill
Decorative Half Wall

Qora for Rural and Metal Buildings

Upgrade your Barn, Garage, or Post-Frame Structure

Almost ANY building can be upgraded to the timeless look of stone without the excessive cost and labor. Qora easily installs over almost any material for siding, knee wall, accent wall, and wainscot applications.

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How Does Qora Compare With Traditional Materials?

With our time and materials estimator, you can see the difference for yourself. Compare your traditional brick and stone installations with our innovative, lightweight Qora cladding panels.

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Have Questions About What Makes Qora So Unique?

We have answers. Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about Qora's design, manufacturing information, maintenance, installation, and more.


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